Samsung Galaxy A52 5G revealed some features


The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, whose name was previously revealed, was revealed with a performance test. Some features of the new member of the Galaxy A series, which have a remarkable usage rate, also showed themselves on the result page of the performance test. According to the information contained here, the model will meet with users with a Qualcomm manufactured processor. Galaxy A51, which met with users before A52, achieved significant sales values.

Performance testing was done using Geekbench 5.2.5. It seems that the date of the test is today (November 10). In the performance test of the model with the Samsung SM-A526B model number, Android 11 is written as the operating system.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G specifications

Among the features of the model, there is also the most curious processor information. Based on the processor information in the report, it was determined that the hardware was Snapdragon 750G. The features of this processor include 8 nm fabrication process, Kyro 570 cores and Adreno 619 graphics unit. The highest operating speed of the processor was announced as 2.2 GHz.

However, there is information that the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G will have 6 GB of RAM. Looking at the performance test, it is seen that the model scored 298 points in the single operation test and 1.001 points in the multi-operation test. It is seen that these results are behind the Galaxy A51, because the Galaxy A51 scored around 700 points in the single-process test in the Geekbench test and around 1800 in the multi-process test.

On the other hand, it was noteworthy that the model entered the performance test with Android 11. It is unknown when the model will meet with users.


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