Samsung Galaxy A42 5G appeared! First information


Facing users with different models, Samsung continues to work for the Galaxy A42 5G model. Information about the new model appeared in the Geekbench performance test. Along with the test result, some features also showed itself.

Standing out with middle segment models as well as upper segment models, the company started to expand its 5G supported product range. The new model showed itself with the model number SM-A426B.

Known features of the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

The Geekbench 5.2.0 performance test includes processor information running at 1.8 GHz for the model that shows itself. In addition, some code sections have information about the graphic unit being Adreno 619. It is among the claims that the processor is Snapdragon 690. This processor has Kyro 560 cores that can accelerate to 2.0 GHz. The processor supports 5G connection technology.

Known features for the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G include 4 GB of RAM. According to the leaks, the model will meet the users with 128 GB of storage space. When the performance test results of the model are examined, it is seen that it gets 615 points in the single transaction test and 1799 points in the multi transaction test.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G özellikleri

It has been claimed that the model will have a capacity of 4,860 mAh battery in the previously revealed information. Android 10 information comes to the fore as the operating system of the model.

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