Samsung Galaxy A41 Will Have 15 Watt Fast Charging Support


Samsung has received FCC certification for its new mid-range phone, Galaxy A41. The received certificate reveals that the screen of this phone is about 6.3 inches, while revealing that it will come with a 15 watt fast charging support.

The new phone that Samsung is working on right now will be the Galaxy A41 as a mid-range device. In recent years, this phone has surfaced with its Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG certificates.

Now, Samsung has received a new certificate for the Galaxy A41 from the US Federal Communications Board (FCC), which reveals some of the features of the Galaxy A41.

The Galaxy A41, which comes up with the model number “SM-A415F / DSN”, will offer 4G connectivity and will have dual SIM support. Also this phone; It will have values ​​of 149.8 mm height and 69.8 mm width. We can say that these sizes show that the Galaxy A41 will have a screen size of approximately 6.3 inches.

Samsung’s certificate from the FCC reveals that the Galaxy A41 has fast charge support up to 15 watts. Although we do not yet know the battery capacity of the device, we can state that fast charging support will be beneficial.

Galaxy A41’s FCC certification also shows that the phone will come with Android 10
Samsung’s FCC certificate for Galaxy A41 also includes a screenshot of the “Settings” menu for this phone. When we look closely at these images, it can be clearly seen that the upcoming Galaxy A41 model will work with Android 10 and that Samsung’s One UI interface will be found on this phone.

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It was recently revealed that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A41 will have 4 GB of RAM and MediaTek Helio P65. However, other details about the Galaxy A41 are currently unknown. Samsung’s announcement of this phone, how much it will cost and the date of accessibility of this phone are currently in uncertainty.


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