Samsung Galaxy A21 Catches Fire During US Flight


A smartphone model Galaxy A21, Samsung, caught fire during a plane landing in the Seattle area. The incident led to an emergency evacuation of passengers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

According to a report in the local newspaper Seattle Times, the spontaneous fire would have started shortly after the landing of the aircraft, Alaska Airlines.

Quickly, the team used insulating equipment to extinguish the flames, which would have originated in the device’s battery. However, a lot of smoke was registered in the cabin until evacuation procedures began.

Reports indicate that the device burned so much that it was “unrecognizable”, but the model was later confirmed as the intermediary for the South Korean manufacturer.

According to the airport administrator, passengers were transported by bus to the terminal and some suffered minor injuries, such as scratches and bumps.

The aircraft was then directed to one of the gates, without impacting site activities or damaging the vehicle. At the time of publication of this article, no photos showing the status of the device have been revealed.

Apparently, this is the only documented case involving the Galaxy A21, which suggests that this was an isolated incident or caused by an effect that does not involve a manufacturing defect — which was the case with the Galaxy Note 7, for example. Currently, the model is practically out of print, replaced by the Galaxy A21s.


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