Samsung Galaxy A Series and S Series Differences


As you know, Samsung has several different smart phone series. The two most frequently compared series are Samsung Galaxy A series and S series. We have brought together the differences between these two series for you. Welcome.

Even if you have a phone brand you set in mind when you want to buy a smartphone, the models of this brand can be confusing. For example, we can take the Samsung smartphone series. Samsung has smartphone series such as Galaxy M, A, S, Note and finally Z Fold. The most preferred of these series are generally Samsung Galaxy A series and S series.

We have compiled the differences between Samsung Galaxy A series and S series for you. In addition, we will explain which series is more advantageous in which subject for you. If you wish, let’s take a look at the difference between these two series without further ado.

Differences between Samsung Galaxy A series and S series:

  • Pricing
  • Performance
  • Battery life
  • Photo resolution and quality
  • Pricing

The biggest difference between Samsung Galaxy A series and S series is the price tags of smartphones under the series. The Samsung Galaxy S series is the series he drove to name its flagship phones. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S series, which competes with the most expensive phones on the market, are sold at a more expensive price, just like their competitors.

The Samsung Galaxy A series is home to the company’s mid-top segment smartphones, and the technical specifications of these devices are slightly cropped compared to the Samsung Galaxy S series. However, as you can imagine, the average sales prices of the Samsung Galaxy A series are lower than the Samsung Galaxy S series.


Another obvious difference between the Samsung Galaxy A series and the S series is the performance difference. Samsung Galaxy S series are upper-segment devices called “flagship”. The biggest factor that makes them like this is the high performance and technical capacity of the devices. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S series, which is the top segment of smartphones, always includes the company’s most equipped models.

The Samsung Galaxy A series, on the other hand, offered a lower performance than it is now. In the current models of the Galaxy A series, the average performance is very close to the S series. Still, Samsung tries to appeal to every consumer group by maintaining the difference.

Battery life

Battery life is an extremely important issue for a smartphone. Battery life is also an issue that is always discussed, especially when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S series and A series. Since the Galaxy S series phones are the top segment, the same performance is expected from the battery, ie energy consumption and fast charging possibilities. However, the biggest competitor of the S series in this regard is actually someone from the family.

Samsung is really doing a tremendous job on the battery life of the smartphone models it launches under the Galaxy A series. For example, even the Galaxy M51, which is in the most remarkable phones of 2020, has a 7,000 mAh battery. The situation has reached a similar point in the Galaxy A series. Because the durability of a battery is not just about its capacity. The processors of the Samsung Galaxy A series are capable of low energy consumption thanks to their processors in 8 to 11 nm architecture. However, they are one step behind, as the most advanced processors are in the S series.

Photo resolution and quality

The Samsung Galaxy S series has extremely high quality lenses, as should flagship phones. Naturally, the models that always focus on providing the best photography experience come from the S series. The highest quality camera sensors developed by Samsung are used in the S series.

The latest models of the Samsung Galaxy A series, especially the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A81, have very good camera lenses, they have started to offer flagship-level photos. However, when it comes to photography and video, it’s not just about camera sensors. You need artificial intelligence for a good photo and a good processor for a good visual AI performance. For this reason, the S series is ahead of the A series with its processing capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy A series advantages:

  • Low and medium budget prices,
  • Price-performance tag,
  • Optimized high battery life,
  • All models with A40 and above have Super AMOLED screens,

The Samsung Galaxy A series is home to highly developed smartphones, especially recently. In terms of performance, of course, it cannot offer as much as its flagship siblings in the S series, but the models in the Galaxy A series offer very good performance for their price.

Samsung Galaxy S series advantages:

  • Maximum performance,
  • More resistant to water, dust and impacts,
  • Wireless charging,
  • The best photo and video quality,

The biggest advantage of having flagship smartphone models is of course the maximum performance to be achieved. Samsung Galaxy S series compete in the top segment in the performance field, as it houses the top segment smartphones in the market.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S series is a bit salty, which is due to the fact that it is the top segment, but it is also worth its price. The camera quality is also extremely good, the Samsung Galaxy S series phones are also more resistant to impacts and water. At the same time, the presence of wireless charging feature in the Samsung Galaxy S series makes it a little more advantageous.

We have come to the end of our content where we list the differences between Samsung Galaxy A series and S series. If you have a phone belonging to one of these two series, you can share them and your ideas about the phone with us in the comments section. There will be a continuation of our content like this, so stay tuned to avoid missing out.


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