Samsung for $ 5.3 billion for Qualcomm


Qualcomm usually manufactures its top-of-the-line chips with TSMC, but that should change with the Snapdragon 875. According to information from the South Korean media, the company has signed a billion-dollar contract with Samsung, which will be responsible for the line’s components for first time.

The value of the contract between the companies is around R $ 5.3 billion, and Samsung will assume the complete production of the Snapdragon 875 line chips, according to the sources. The components will be made in the 5-nanometer manufacturing process of the South Korean company, using extreme ultraviolet technology (EUV).

Despite the billion dollar amount involved in the contract between the companies, Qualcomm would have opted for Samsung’s services because of the price. The South Korean company offers results similar to TSMC, but with a more affordable value.

In addition to serving Qualcomm, Samsung’s manufacturing division also received new orders from companies like IBM, Intel and Nvidia, which recently launched RTX 30 graphics cards. This does not mean that TSMC is without customers: the Taiwanese giant is still is responsible for chip manufacturing by AMD, MediaTek and Microsoft, which will soon bring the Xbox Series X and S to market.

If Qualcomm follows its market standards, the Snapdragon 875 will be introduced by the company in December 2020. The new chip should officially hit the market on smartphones launched in the first quarter of next year, including the next device in the Samsung Galaxy S line. .

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