Samsung: Flaws In Pre-Installed Apps Allowed Spying On Users


Samsung: Gaps in pre-installed apps on Samsung devices may have allowed intruders to make changes to device settings and access victims’ data. The flaws were discovered by the company specializing in security apps Oversecured and presented in the report released on Thursday (10).

According to startup founder Sergey Toshin, more than ten bugs have been found since the beginning of the year in several apps that leave the factory installed on cell phones and tablets of the South Korean giant. They may have enabled the theft of the user’s photos, videos, messages and contacts, among other data, if exploited by cybercriminals.

One of the vulnerabilities reported by Toshin has to do with the Secure Folder app, created with the aim of ensuring greater privacy for owners of the brand’s devices. According to the expert, attackers could access information such as the contact book and files stored in the secure folder, taking advantage of the bug.

The Samsung Knox platform would also have been used to spy on users, installing malware from an existing hole. Another issue he highlighted was an error in the Samsung DeX, which would make it easier to extract data from message notifications, email and alerts distributed by other apps.

Correction of faults

Most of the bugs in Samsung’s pre-installed apps have now been fixed. At TechCrunch, the Asian company stated that the flaws in question affected some “selected” Galaxy devices, without revealing a list of specific models.

According to the brand, security patches were released in April and May, through software updates, which ended the problems. But to avoid potential risks, it is recommended to check that your Samsung device has the latest updates.

Also according to the manufacturer, no user had their confidential data accessed by third parties exploiting these bugs.