Samsung fires top foldable phone brand in 2020


In 2019 it looked like Samsung and Huawei would fight for leadership in the foldable cellphone market thanks to the launch of the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. The Chinese, however, began to suffer a series of mishaps due to Donald Trump’s sanctions, preventing the full use of Android and Google services. Much of the effort went to Huawei AppGallery and HarmonyOS.

Samsung’s path, then, became more relaxed, and in 2020 the company brought at least two new ideas well accepted by the public: the Galaxy Z Flip and the Z Fold 2, which was redeemed by its predecessor when finally bringing a product face well finished.

Thanks to all this, Samsung is isolated in the leadership of this segment. Of the 2.8 million foldables sold in 2020, Samsung was responsible for manufacturing 2.04 million of these. In other words, her market share here was 73%.

Most of the sales are concentrated in China and Europe. In Huawei’s homeland, 25% of the company’s foldables were consumed in the last 12 months, and Europe as a whole took up 29% of the units. South Korea alone took 12% of the folding.

Counterpoint Research’s projections also point out that Samsung is expected to grow much more in the coming years, reaching 17 million annual sales for its foldable smartphones in 2022. This may signal some things, such as an expectation by the agency that the segment will offer more products cheap, or that Samsung’s marketing machine will really convince people that they need a flexible phone.

And you, what do you think of these data that put Samsung in the isolated leadership? Tell us in the comments!


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