Samsung: ‘Find my device’ now works with mobile offline


The Samsung application known as “Find My Mobile” (“Find My Device”, in Portuguese) has gained a new feature that allows an even more accurate location of lost devices.

As of version of the service, it is possible to search for devices that have no internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or data plan.

The “Offline finding” was found by Max Weinbach and helps you to detect the device in any situation. The operation involves a triangulation of location with other devices of the Galaxy line, which do a kind of scan around the surroundings in search of the device.

The feature is not enabled by default and needs to be released by the user, who can also choose to encrypt this location to increase the privacy of the device.

At the same time that you release the ability to be searched offline, by enabling the novelty you allow your Galaxy phone to be used to do this search. It also applies to Galaxy Watch and wireless headphones that are paired.

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