Samsung Evolution RT46 refrigerator: quiet and economical


In February 2021, Samsung launched a refrigerator designed for the Brazilian public. The great highlight of the Samsung Evolution line is due to the PowerVolt technology, which allows the device to work on 110V or 220V. In addition, the manufacturer claims that it is 244% more resistant to power surges than a conventional refrigerator.

The Evolution line is positioned in the entry segment of the brand’s refrigerators in the country, being the most modest sister of Barosa and distancing itself from the giant Side by Side and the high tech Family Hub.

We tested the Samsung Evolution RT46 (460 liters) and brought the main highlights of the model that has a variable price according to color: R $ 3,799 (white), R $ 3,999 (stainless) and R $ 4,199 (black edition).


With over 1.80m in height and 70.5kg, the Evolution RT46 has a more sober design, with straight lines and, as the manufacturer says, timeless. Unlike most entry-level refrigerators, the handle here is built-in and does not represent an “interruption” in the design. The feet are adjustable and have casters.

The black model is made with shiny stainless steel and has textured sides. At the door, a control panel shows exactly the temperature to be chosen (1ºC, 2ºC, 3ºC, 5ºC or 7ºC), facilitating the user’s life.


The freezer is spacious (112 liters) and also has a temperature control at the bottom of the freezer, which reaches up to -18 ºC, but it is only possible to slide between maximum and minimum temperatures, with nine different levels, without choosing exactly how many degrees we wish.

A shelf allows you to divide the stored food, but the biggest difference is on account of the “Twist ice factory.” In fact, it is a manual mechanism that allows you to rotate the ice molds so that they fall into a reservoir that can be taken to the table.

It is large, it is loose in the freezer and has a hole in the top, which requires care when storing food that may fall or drip into the form of ice. Still, it is a practical feature that allows you to store more ice ready.

Moving on to the bottom, the 348-liter refrigerator is spacious and well lit by LED lamps. Three large shelves allow for organization, the first of which is an Easy Slide that supports 45kg and can be easily removed for cleaning. The other shelves are made of tempered glass and support up to 150kg each.

In addition, two closed compartments are available for storing food that requires lower temperatures. At the top of the refrigerator, a shelf protected by a tipper has illustrations that indicate that it is the ideal place to store meat and cold cuts, for example.

At the bottom, the so-called Big Box is a very spacious drawer that allows you to conserve moisture levels in fruits and vegetables. The door has five well-distributed spaces and an egg holder.


Moving on to the part we like the most here, let’s take a walk through the technologies embedded in the Samsung Evolution RT46. As previously mentioned, the model is the only one currently available on the market with PowerVolt technology, which allows it to be connected to 110V or 220V voltage.

It is the result of a global Samsung project focused on the Brazilian market for the refrigerator category. This is because Brazil has different voltages per region, which creates a series of logistical difficulties, for example.

As it is capable of withstanding power fluctuations between 90V to 310V, Samsung Evolution offers more security against lightning and other problems in the electrical network, according to tests carried out in the LABELO-PUCRS laboratory. The appeal is interesting, but during the tests I did not go through any critical situation to report how it really behaves.

Digital Inverter technology stands out for two reasons: less noise and lower electricity bills. Conventional refrigerators usually make noises to keep the refrigerator at a certain temperature, since the compressor needs to be turned on whenever the temperature drops.

The Inverter is on all the time, automatically adjusting its speed according to the need. In fact, the RT46 is very quiet and, to attest to all this efficiency, Samsung offers a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

In relation to energy expenditure, the model has an energy efficiency rating of Inmetro – A being the most efficient and G the least efficient – with energy consumption of 41.6 kWh / month. For comparison, a Brastemp BRM56AK, for example, consumes 65 kWh / month.

Moving on to All-around Cooling technology, it promises to freeze all corners of the refrigerator evenly thanks to strategically positioned air vents. The Deodorizing Filter uses natural fibers and activated carbon to remove odor particles, avoiding that “refrigerator smell” that mixes the odor of different foods.

Finally, when pressed, the Power Cool button injects cold air to freeze and cool food and drinks faster.

It is worth it?

The main advantages of the new Samsung Evolution RT46 refrigerator are: bivolt, resistance to power surges and reduction in the value of the electricity bill. Although the initial investment in an Inverter model is greater, in the long run this can be offset by energy savings over the months.

The value is still high for a model to enter the Brazilian market, but the 10-year warranty on the compressor also makes the consumer more relaxed, since we don’t change the refrigerator every year, do we?

At the end of the day, it is worth putting on the scale what your priorities are when choosing a refrigerator to call your own. If you want a quiet, economical model, with clean design and hidden technologies that help in the routine, the RT46 can be a good option.


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