Samsung entices iPhone users with a special Galaxy experience


Samsung has launched a new website that shows iPhone users how to use a Samsung phone to mobile internet browsers. When this website is visited on an iPhone, users are shown the command to add the site to the home screen. After that, this shortcut turns into a door that acts like a Samsung Galaxy device. According to the MacRumors report, this site is a study of the Samsung New Zealand branch.

Although the experience offered by the site is limited, we can say that this is a carefully designed marketing effort. When you open the camera application, you see the features of the Samsung camera application described by an “influencer” named Logan Dodds, accompanied by the interface. When you navigate around other apps on the home screen, it tells about the other features and accessories of Samsung phones. Among those on offer are text messages and even a fake phone call.

If you scroll a little more around the site, you will see various deep-seated surprise eggs. In the Messages app, the “Friends with Kids” person who sends you something stupid every time you send them a message is remarkable. When you dig deeper into the Settings app, you’ll see a hint that says “We’ve simplified the settings menu experience so that only our developer can take a break for lunch.”

This different experience prepared by Samsung directly targets iPhone users. If you try to visit the site with another Android phone, you will get a message saying “You are already using Android”. If you try to visit using a desktop browser, the site gives you a QR code to scan with your iPhone. Let’s not go without saying that Samsung’s marketing move is quite creative and smart.