Samsung Effect: Wear OS Records Biggest Growth In Years


Samsung: A few months ago, Samsung and Google teamed up to create a unified platform for the Wear OS, promising one of the best systems for watches and other wearable devices. Apparently, the partnership has paid off: now, Wear OS is the second best-selling platform in smart watches, only behind Apple.

According to information from analyst firm Counterpoint Research, Wear OS grew 17% in the third quarter of 2021 — by comparison, growth was only 4% in the previous quarter.

Cheap Devices First

Until recently, Huawei was responsible for the second largest quarterly sales volume. Now, Samsung won second place and the Wear OS was not left out: this was mainly due to the fact that Samsung adopted the system with the Galaxy Watch 4 and stopped using the Tizen platform.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is also to blame for the increase in numbers, as it has received dozens of positive reviews around the world — the watch was launched on September 29 and represented nearly 60% of Samsung’s orders for North America and Europe. Part of the success is also due to the different options, with more variety than models launched in the past.

“To further increase its market share, Samsung must launch affordable models within 2-3 years to reach the fast-growing Asian market,” said Sujeong Lim, one of Counterpoint’s analysts. According to a leak coming from the company, the Galaxy Watch 5 should arrive next year.

Meanwhile, Apple’s numbers are down 10%, mainly because the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7 has been pushed back to the last quarter of 2021.

Despite competition from big brands, wearables for less than $100 (about R$564 at current prices) were the top sellers during the period, representing a third of all devices shipped in the third quarter.