Samsung Display will make a 90 Hz OLED display laptops


Samsung’s latest top-of-the-line phones like the recently launched Galaxy S21 series have been exploring technologies that include a high refresh rate on the screen, which seems to be very well received by fans of mobile technology.

Now, in the OLED Era, the South Korean may be about to start exploiting this trend in their laptops as well, preparing to launch something previously unheard of: a 90 Hz OLED screen for notebooks.

The panel is expected to be made official soon by Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung, and will be available as early as the first quarter of 2021. Samsung Display CEO Jon Sun Choi comments that the initial plan is to start mass production of the panel 14 “OLED as of March.

The brand believes that consumers will quickly embrace OLED screens on laptops, especially because of the 90 Hz refresh rate, even though those panels require more from video cards.

At a refresh rate of 90 Hz, images are rendered 90 times per second and, thanks to this quick update, it is possible to enjoy more fluid animations in the system, videos and games. Not to mention that OLED monitors are able to transition from one screen to another much faster than, for example, popular LCD screens (even if they bring the same refresh rate).

Without a doubt, OLED screens can make the gaming experience and movie viewing much more vibrant and pleasurable and, according to the brand, the 90 Hz OLED display offers high-speed steering that is on par with LCD screens 120 Hz

Possibly more companies will end up following the example of Samsung (something that happened in smartphones) so, it is only a matter of time before the LCD ends up being abandoned by the industry in several categories.