Samsung Display Stops LCD Panel Production


LCD screens had become panels that were used quite frequently in smart phones for a while, but it seems that this period is slowly coming to an end. Samsung has announced that it will stop producing LCD panels by the end of the year.

Samsung Display, one of the subsidiaries of South Korean technology giant Samsung, produces screens for many devices; He announced that he will gradually end the LCD production by the end of the year. It seems that the demand for LCD screens, which are also frequently used in smart phones, has been decreasing for a while.

In an interview with Reuters, the Samsung Display spokesperson said that Samsung Display will gradually halt 4 LCD production lines in South Korea and China by the end of the year. It was also announced that the incoming requests would be met by the end of the year without any problems.

Quantum dot display:
Samsung Display will revise one of the production lines in South Korea for quantum dot display production after stopping LCD screen production. According to the news in ZDNet, the majority of LCD panels produced by Samsung Display are produced for Samsung’s televisions. In other words, when LCD panel production is ended, Samsung TVs will also switch to quantum dot OLED displays.

According to the information in the same news, the staff working on Samsung Display’s LCD production line will also be shifted to OLED and quantum dot screen production lines. In other words, we can say that there is no negative situation for the workers working on the production line, but Samsung has not yet made its final decision regarding the production lines in China. There is an uncertainty about it at the moment.

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The technology giant also said it would make an investment of $ 107 million in production and research facilities. In other words, we can see that Samsung Display has increased its quantum dot screen production capacity in the following periods.


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