Samsung Display, Screen Punching Technology


An international security certification company called Underwriters Laboratories has registered Samsung Display as the best manufacturer in the industry. Experts who conducted in-depth tests on the screens of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 concluded that there was no loss in the hole area of ​​these screens.

South Korean technology giant Samsung uses punch-hole screen technology in its new flagship phones as of the Galaxy S10 series. The company, which manages to minimize the frames in this way, offers an impressive experience to users. In addition, screen panels produced by Samsung Display are sometimes preferred by different manufacturers. Recent developments show that Samsung Display is the best in this regard.

An international security certification company called “Underwriters Laboratories”, also known as ‘UL’, has registered how good Samsung is at screen perforation. UL has applied some tests to the company’s display panels, and as a result of its tests, it has reached the conclusion that Samsung Display’s screen drilling technology does not compromise quality. Tests have led to the conclusion that Samsung Display is the number one in the industry.

Tests by Underwriters Laboratories reveal the image quality around the perforated portions of Samsung Display’s display panels. According to tests, these screens provide a clear and lossless experience in and around the perforated area as the other part of the screen. This makes Samsung Display the best manufacturer in the industry.

Around the perforated area on Samsung Display’s screens, there is almost no image loss

UL tested the displays on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 in order to test the company’s screen piercing technology. In the tests, 12 points around the puncture site were focused and the images at these points were examined. The UL team concluded that the Delta E color accuracy value on these displays is 2 or less. In other words, this chromatic aberration and distortion was not visible to the human eye.

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Technology manufacturers use laser technologies to pierce display panels. There may be some problems in the drilling processes provided with lasers. One of these problems is spotting in the immediate vicinity of the puncture site. Here Samsung is using a laser drilling technology that prevents these blemishes. In this way, there is no image loss around the drilling area.

Making a statement on the subject, Dennis Choi, Vice President of Samsung Mobile Display Advertising Marketing Unit, says that Samsung Display’s technological capabilities will deliver optimum performance on all 5G phones. According to Choi, Samsung Display will continue to do its best to further improve the screen quality.


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