Samsung Details Galaxy Z Fold 3 And Flip 3 Stress Tests


Samsung: South Korean manufacturer Samsung detailed how quality control tests are carried out on its latest releases: the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 folding smartphones.

In the video published by the company itself, we see excerpts of four tests performed on each device on the production line. There are tests to ensure water resistance, display operation at different temperatures and humidity levels, hinge effectiveness even after intense movement, and use of the S-Pen for navigation and annotations.

According to Samsung, the new models withstand up to 200,000 actions to open or close without harming the resistance of the hinge — which means doing the movement 100 times a day for five years.

Remember that the brand already had problems because of this part: the first generation of the Galaxy Fold, from 2019, was postponed because several of the devices appeared broken after a few days of use. The mechanism has already been improved for the second generation and also for the Z Flip, which is the smaller version that folds vertically.

Featuring new OLED technology, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has already passed JerryRigEverything channel’s scratch and bend resistance tests — and was praised for the final result, despite any concerns about scratches.


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