Samsung demonstrates its augmented reality glasses


New videos show what Samsung’s augmented and virtual reality glasses will look like. According to the company, the device aims to ensure more mobility to the user while performing daily activities.

The images released by the company reveal two model proposals. The first is called “Samsung Glasses Lite” and shows what a future work or leisure dynamic with glasses might look like. The user will be able to watch films or simulate a computer screen projected in front of him, all in a virtual way. The glasses will also have the options to darken the lenses, protect the eyes from the sun, and to practice outdoor activities, such as controlling a drone.

The second proposal “Samsung AR Glasses” allows the user to place 3D objects in front of them, as if they were actually in the environment. The initiative follows the line already seen in Microsoft’s HoloLens.


Samsung has been actively involved in the development of virtual and augmented reality devices for years. In 2019, Samsung Electronics America’s director of developer, games and entertainment relations, Farshid Fallah, commented that the company was developing several AR and VR products for launch in the coming years.

Last year, the company registered a patent for AR glasses to help drivers in traffic. The document shows a device capable of displaying maps and directions directly in the driver’s eyes. The device could also indicate points of gas stations and restaurants on the map. The solution would prevent the user from being distracted by looking at the vehicle’s dashboard during the journey.