Samsung Delivers On Promise And Starts Taking Ads Out Of Its Apps


Samsung promised and started to deliver: the South Korean manufacturer started removing ads embedded in native apps on the brand’s smartphones.

The measure was confirmed in mid-August 2021 and, according to the website 9to5Google, advertising began to disappear from the services from the beginning of October. The Tizen Help page even got a confirmation from within the company, reinforcing that the measure actually started to be applied.

The Samsung Pay digital payment system and the Weather (weather forecast), Health (health and fitness) and Themes (with installable themes for the device) apps are at the top of the list. Traditional for several years in the brand’s models, the ads were heavily criticized by much of the community.

The news was applied in the last update sent to each of the applications. Not all countries can receive the addition at the same time — until the publication of the original report, at least the United States and South Korea had the process underway.


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