Samsung Deals with BOE for Flexible OLED Displays

According to a statement made by industry sources, Samsung reached an agreement with BOE Technology on a flexible OLED display. According to the information obtained, the display panels provided by BOE Technology will be used in Galaxy M series phones.

There was a remarkable development regarding the South Korean technology giant Samsung. According to a report prepared by industry sources, the company will also supply flexible OLED displays from BOE Technology for a while. When it comes to flexible OLEDs, Samsung has, until now, only opted for the displays of its subsidiary Samsung Display.

According to the information in the related report, Samsung will use flexible OLED displays supplied by BOE Technology in the Galaxy M series. Unlike traditional OLED displays, OLED panels created using a flexible plastic layer instead of glass can make Galaxy M series phones have curved screens. Samsung will allegedly launch phones with flexible OLED displays from BOE Technology in the second half of 2021.

BOE Technology made a price quote that shocked Samsung

China-based component manufacturer BOE Technology was previously one of Huawei’s main suppliers. However, the drop in orders from Huawei due to the embargo imposed by the USA put BOE Technology in a difficult situation. It is stated that BOE Technology, which is in new searches, has given Samsung a price offer that it can never refuse.



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