Samsung copied iOS 16 in its new update: the lock screen is almost the same!


It turned out that with the new One UI 5 beta 3 update, Samsung practically copied iOS 16, which Apple recently released. Accordingly, in the new version, the company has made changes to the lock screen, reminiscent of iOS 16.

Apple recently released the long-awaited iOS 16 for iPhone users. The new version also attracted attention with many innovations. One of them was a change in the design of the lock screen. iOS 16 gave users the ability to customize the lock screen at will, change fonts, innovations in wallpaper and many more new features.

Now, with a new update from Samsung, it turned out that it is seriously inspired by iOS 16. In the new features that appeared with the One UI 5 beta 3 update, it was clear that Samsung, so to speak, copied the iOS 16 screen.

Here’s a Samsung update that draws attention with its similarity to iOS 16.

In images from social networks, it was noticed that Samsung has made similar changes to the iOS 16 lock screen. The South Korean tech giant previously had an app called GoodLock, which allows you to edit the lock screen of Galaxy phones. With the new update, it turned out that this feature will now be integrated into the operating system.

Accordingly, with the beta update, the company has added new features to the lock screens, such as holding the screen for editing, adding filters to the wallpaper and the “collections” option. In addition, it was noticed that the lock screen editing interface is almost the same as the iOS 16 lock screen. The clock styles and font page were other details that stood out by the similarity to Apple’s new operating system in the One UI beta 3 update.

Of course, companies often implement functions on their devices by referring to each other. Such situations have happened many times among the tech giants. However, we can say that it’s a bit interesting that Samsung introduced the iPhone 14 by making fun of Apple and then copying the lock screen.

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