Samsung confirms its Galaxy S20 Fan Edition


We’ve had the Samsung name coming and going for months. It is not surprising, since the Korean firm has put different devices on the market such as the Galaxy Note 20, in a few days we will talk about the characteristics of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and also the so-called Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.

The latter has ever sounded and it will be a device to consider since not only its presence is confirmed, but also the arrival of a Galaxy S20 Fan Edition 5G.

Yes, there will be S20 Fan Edition 5G

2020 is being a strange year. Companies are steadfast in order to avoid cost overruns and this seems like a trend that will be seen for years to come. Difficult times await us in that sense, but this has not prevented some firms from betting on the future, such as Samsung. In his case, his forecast is simple and is to offer a complete family of terminals as he did until now.

As we told you before, we have seen the arrival of many devices from the firm, many of them show their power. But this does not mean that there are no eyes for less wealthy users who want a good terminal in their pocket. For them, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will arrive, which will have a 5G version. There were doubts about it, it was even said that it would not arrive, but this is one of those moments in which there is no failure.

The reason is as simple as going to Samsung’s own website. But not to any website of the firm, no, specifically you have to see the one in Bulgaria, which is where the information has been seen. This announcement proposes the use of YouTube Premium using a Samsung device and logging into Samsung Members. The offer seems good, but the interesting thing is below, where the models compatible with the offer are mentioned. And here is the confirmation, since it talks about the S20 FE and S20 FE 5G, which leaves no room for error.

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Any details about your presentation?

As we have commented on other occasions, the Galaxy S20 FE and FE 5G would be the successors to the Lite version of the Galaxy S10 that we saw this year. Most likely, having these references, we will see these terminals next year, being direct successors of this terminal. Now, taking into account that there will be a Galaxy S20 with the latest in connectivity, we can expect either an Exynos chip from the house or a Snapdragon 765G or the 690, which is destined to be the first from the house that 5G to the cheaper mobiles.


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