Samsung confirms future phones won’t be chargers


Is the Galaxy S21 the only smartphone from Samsung to ditch the charger and headphones in the box? Not really, according to the manufacturer who intends to do the same for its future models.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is official, already available for pre-order from several sellers such as SFR, CDiscount, Auchan … If the range is excellent, with large data sheets, some were surprised to learn of the disappearance of the headphones and the charger in the box. A decision that follows that of Apple with the iPhone 12, which had already caused a stir, and will continue according to the Korean manufacturer. Because the Galaxy S21, whose essential information was relayed by the editorial staff, is only the first model concerned. Samsung is abandoning the charger in the box for all future smartphones.

As TechRadar relays, Samsung has spoken about the abandonment of the charger for its future smartphones, evoking an ecological approach. Obviously, some think that the Korean firm rather wants to save money. The firm explains that “we believe that phasing out chargers and headphones from the box of our devices can help resolve consumption issues and eliminate the pressure consumers may feel about constantly receiving accessories. and unnecessary chargers with a new smartphone ”. Everyone will have their own opinion!


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