Samsung Confirms Bug on Galaxy S21 That Reduces Camera Quality

Samsung: South Korean manufacturer Samsung confirmed on Sunday (30) that it is aware of reports from users about problems with the Galaxy S21 camera and its variants, such as the Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

According to the complaints, the camera has performance problems in the application and also in the quality of the images, in addition to delays when switching between shooting modes or when using the zoom.

The video below, captured by the SamMobile website, shows what happens in practice. The problem appears to have started — or at least encountered more often — in May 2021.

Posts on Samsung’s support forums also include testimonials about warming up the device during distorted or blurry photographs and photos.

What Samsung says

One user, however, got a response from Samsung’s moderation with an official position. According to the statement, the company is aware of the delay in the camera, generated by “insufficient memory or few computational resources in a specific path, including Portrait mode”.

A fix will be sent in system updates for June 2021.



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