Samsung: Collapse of Corona Virus Cannot be Closed with 5G Devices


Samsung announced that the collapse due to the corona virus outbreak cannot be closed with increasing demand for 5G devices with the press release made by the world.

Now, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are preparing for the downturn due to the corona virus. While the virus epidemic in the U.S. and Europe has not become so widespread earlier this month, Strategy Analytics, the company, announced that by 2020, global smartphone sales will drop by 10 percent. After the virus epidemic begins to appear on all continents, phone sales can be expected to drop further.

The existing picture is not yet causing the chimes to ring for Samsung. In addition to producing smartphones, Samsung also produces in different sectors such as storage unit. At the press conference Wednesday, Samsung Electronics General Manager Kim Ki-nam said they are expecting the demand for chips to increase with the increase of 5G phones and 5G networks.

While the Corona virus outbreak affects thousands of people, the economies of countries also have a bad effect. Making a statement to its investors last month, Apple announced that it will not reach the targeted income figures in the first quarter of the year. However, the situation in the world has come to a different point than Apple’s explanation.

When Apple made a statement, the virus outbreak was only affected in China, and the rest of the world was not as affected by the virus outbreak today. While an outbreak of a large market like China caused a drop in phone sales, it also caused the supply chain to deteriorate.

Today, the virus epidemic is seen all over the world. Countries have to take special measures to prevent the epidemic. The breakdown of the chain on both production and consumption causes smartphone manufacturers to have dark days.

Samsung made a statement yesterday about the virus outbreak, following Apple’s decision to close all Apple Stores outside of China regarding the Corona virus outbreak. At the press conference in Hong Kong, Koh Dong-jin, Samsung’s head of mobile division, made a very sectoral speech.

Dong-jin said that the smart phone market, which has been on the narrowing for a long time, will also be affected by the corona virus. The growing demand for 5G smart devices will not clear the shrinkage in the smartphone market, Koh said.

Samsung has also been directly affected by the corona virus as a company. The facility had to be shut down for a short time after the corona virus test of one of the workers at the technology giant’s plants in South Korea was positive.


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