Samsung Changes CEOs And Merges Mobile With Electronics Division


Samsung: The South Korean manufacturer Samsung announced on Tuesday (7) a reformulation that affects both the management framework and the organization of the company’s sectors.

One of the new features is the union of two divisions into one. From now on, the segment of mobile devices and consumer electronics will be part of the same sector, now called SET. It will be led by Jong-Hee Han, who now accumulates the roles of head of the visual displays (ie televisions) division, head of the appliances division, vice president and co-CEO.

The other co-CEO will be Kyung Kye-hyun, who had previously handled the deals involving memory chips and technology in general. Another brand veteran, Chung Hyun-ho, became the head behind a “task force” created to coordinate decision-making within the company.

More changes?

The news at Samsung marks a period of changes in the market and in the company’s internal structure. The brand’s current heir, Jay Y. Lee, moved to probation in August 2021 after twists and turns in bribery allegations involving the country’s government.

Furthermore, despite still being the global leader in Smart TVs and smartphones, also dominating regions like Latin America, the South Korean saw the segment slow down and competition tighten — while the semiconductor division became the most profitable, especially in a period of shortage of chips and high demand.