Samsung can use Gorilla Glass flexible glass in the next


On the same day that it officially made its new foldable phone, Galaxy Z Fold 2, new information indicates what could happen on Samsung’s next flexible smartphone. The South Korean brand would work in partnership with Corning to create a flexible Gorilla Glass for the future device.

The manufacturer is said to have started receiving glass substrates from Corning needed to develop this type of material, according to industry sources. The intention would be to improve the durability and resistance of the displays for this type of product. Since the first generation, the company has been working on new ways to improve this material.

In the first Galaxy Fold, the Korean company used Polyimide (PI) in plastic as protection for the flexible OLED panel. As for the Galaxy Z Flip and the new Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung Display’s option was to combine providing a more durable screen with the ultra-thin glass (UTG) created together with the German Schott.

But this evolution made would still not be enough to create a product that has a guarantee of long-term use and usability with a pen, for example. Samsung’s intention would be to gather all possible help in the area to beat the competition in that specific sector.

Another curiosity will be to see how Corning would act in the segment of flexible cell phones. That’s because she is famous for leading in durable glass, but with more rigid characteristics.


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