Samsung can rival the M1 with Exynos processors


The widespread use of Arm-based processors for computers has begun to confuse many manufacturers. Apple, who made the biggest man with the M1 chip, switched to the Arm-based M1 processor in its MacBook and Mac Mini models. Apparently, Samsung, which produces its own processor, may be preparing to enter the computer market with Exynos processors.

Arm-based processors can offer long battery times despite their high performance with low power consumption.

Samsung Exynos processors can be used on computers

Apple’s announcement of the M1 processor for its Macs brought many people’s minds to Exynos, Kirin and Snapdragon processors running on computers. Qualcomm currently has an Arm-based processor for computers, but this processor is not as powerful as the M1. Additionally, Apple’s advantage comes from the macOS operating system. Produced for Arm-based processors, Windows 10 is not yet as powerful as macOS.

Going before, it was stated that Samsung aimed to bring an Arm processor known as the Exynos 1000 to Windows computers. Considering that Exyons 1000 is officially the Exynos 2100, we may not wait long for computers with Exynos processors. Exyons 2100, which goes through the 5 nm manufacturing process, is a direct competitor of Snapdragon 888.

Galox, known for leaks on Twitter, gave a small tip for computers with Exynos. Considering the contribution of Arm-based processors to battery life, they are particularly suitable for ultrabook models. The low power consumption allows fanless designs, as in the M1 Air model.

Samsung is working with AMD for Exynos processors, according to long-standing rumors. The Korean manufacturer, which wants to increase its internal graphics performance significantly, may give positive news to users in the coming months.

In addition to all this, it is known that Qualcomm is working on a new processor to compete with the M1 processor.


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