Samsung Can Remotely Block Stolen Smart TVs


Samsung has officially confirmed that it will use an unprecedented feature of remote TV lock on items that have been stolen.

The manufacturer confirmed that factories and warehouses were looted during a series of demonstrations that took place in South Africa in July 2021. To prevent the use or resale of televisions that were taken from the site, it will use the technology – and took the opportunity to explain exactly how the novelty works.

The TV Block was officially (and very discreetly) announced in early August of this year. The feature is present on all Smart TV models of the brand and is factory loaded.

How does this happen?

TV Block works from a search by serial number, that is, the brand needs to have the exact record of which lots were stolen and register them in the tool.

When connected to the internet to use the intelligent functions, the TV undergoes a check to detect whether or not it belongs to the stolen models – and, in the case of a positive, all the device’s features are turned off immediately, without the possibility of unlocking it by the user.

This function is similar to the procedures for stolen smartphones — in the case of Android, it is possible to lock access and erase data using the owner’s Google account. False positives can be restored within a maximum of 48 hours by contacting Samsung, sending proof that the device was legally purchased. At least in this early implementation, the TV Block should only be used in these special cases, without acting in domestic robberies, for example.


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