Samsung Brazil announces new president for 2021


In a statement released on its website last Friday (18), Samsung do Brasil announced a change of command in the company: Yoonie Joung is leaving the presidency, to take over the Korean mobile division in the United States. In his place, Kevin Seo will assume that until last week he ran Mobile Sales Innovation in Seoul.

Yoonie assumed the presidency of Samsung Brazil in 2019, and surprised journalists by presenting the Galaxy S10 in March of that year, speaking in Portuguese. During his two years of administration, he expanded the business and ensured the expansion of the brand’s leadership in the Brazilian market, the statement said.

Among the challenges for the new president of Samsung Brazil, will be the launch of the campaign for the new Galaxy S21, released for pre-sale in China last Friday (18). It will also be up to Kevin Seo to continue the campaign to popularize foldable smartphones in the national market, a segment in which Samsung bets all its chips, to the point of signaling a possible end of the Note line.

On Saturday night (19), in one of the most watched lives of the year, DJ Alok, a partner of the company, opened the presentation with his Z Fold2. “The future is open” tweeted Samsung Brazil.

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