Samsung brakes on Galaxy Note 20 series


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series may not perform as expected in terms of sales figures. The South Korean company launched an unaccustomed plan for this possibility.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series hopeful for sales figures?

This series, which is offered for sale in our country, may upset Samsung management. The technology firm, aware of this situation, seems to have learned its lesson after the economic shocks caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 satış rakamları

It was announced that the number of components ordered by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 20 series was 20 percent less than the number of components ordered for the Galaxy S20. Samsung does not want to experience the disappointment of the Galaxy S20 series again.

Therefore, Samsung, acting cautiously, could not get what it wanted due to an account error it made when calculating the total sales figure that the S20 models released in February of this year. This series did not reach the sales figures imagined by the South Korean representative.

Taking action by the Samsung team can be considered as a strategy implemented to ensure that this series reaches its potential. The company, which lost leadership in smartphone sales to the Huawei team, ordered 3 million components for the Galaxy Note 20 series.

This number is said to be 10 million at the end of the year. Many brands that suffered great losses due to the COVID-19 outbreak had to reconsider their investment budget. In this context, the failure of the Galaxy Note 20 series to deliver the expected sales may upset Samsung’s investors.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 serisi satış rakamları

Samsung is particularly hopeful about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The South Korean firm thinks this model will become the sales champion of the Note 20 family. The sales champion of the Note 10 series, which was released last year, was the Note 10 Plus with a rate of 70 percent.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will also be the champion model of its own family. It is predicted that this model will constitute at least 70 percent and at most 80 percent of the total sales figure that the Note 20 series will reach.

Hopeful for the Galaxy Note 20 series, Samsung believes that this phone will attract the most attention in Europe.


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