Samsung Blockchain introduces ‘ultra security’


A storage space with a high level of security dedicated to digital signatures and private keys for handling and viewing cryptography has just arrived in Brazil, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, “making it unnecessary to use an external hard drive or pendrive, for example”.

Available to smartphone users such as Galaxy A71, Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy S20 line and Galaxy Note20 line, the novelty combines the Samsung Knox solution and the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology, and the country is the first in Latin America to receive it.

“There is a very significant market for people who invest in cryptocurrencies in Brazil and, in order to view their wallets, they need to carry a notebook and an external hard drive or separate pendrive with private keys. protect this information “, explains Bruno Costa, senior manager of content and services for the mobile devices area at Samsung Brazil.

“With Samsung Blockchain, based on a combination of Keystore and Wallet, we offer the possibility of much more practical monitoring, with storage on the device and monitoring directly on the smartphone screen”, he adds.

Commitment to the public

According to the South Korean giant, important documents can also be stored on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. To do so, simply download the app from the Galaxy Store and follow a step by step to enable the solution, which automatically recognizes the device’s Samsung Blockchain Keystore. “Thus, it is possible to view the crypto wallet directly on the device’s screen,” he says.

Finally, for Bruno Costa, the action reinforces “Samsung’s commitment to Brazilians to offer solutions that facilitate the daily lives of people in their most different profiles” by launching “a tool that raises the level of security and provides users practicality to store, on their smartphones, confidential information, such as documents and private keys, as well as the management of crypto assets, allowing to carry out balance inquiries, send and receive cryptocurrencies. “


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