Samsung asks the US to re-sell screens to Huawei


The trade war between the United States and China has just taken on new shapes. Due to the clash, Samsung should be prevented from selling components to Huawei, including displays, once the restrictions stipulated by the US government come into force on September 15 (next week).

However, as it is one of South Korea’s leading screen manufacturers, holding more than half of the export of OLED parts for mobile phones, the company has not stopped and, according to statements by an informant to Reuters, has applied for a special license. to the Donald Trump administration to conduct such transactions.

Specifically taken by Samsung Display, whose main customers are Samsung Electronics and Apple, the action was not followed by LG Display, the brand’s main competitor. According to a statement released by the company last Wednesday (9), the sanctions would have little effect on its operations, since it does not have the Chinese as a substantial consumer of its products. Still, Samsung is not alone.

Battle of giants

Another company that adopted similar measures was Microsoft, aiming to continue to supply equipment and software to Huawei without retaliation. MediaTek, and Qualcomm are more examples. Now, it is up to the US president to decide on the fate of all of them, if they want to continue operating in both markets.

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