Samsung apps will integrate with Windows soon


The Galaxy Note 20 was presented yesterday during the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked with a very interesting integration of the smartphone with the Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud service, so much so that those who pre-order the cell phone or Galaxy Tab S7 will receive 3 months of toast service. However, integration with Microsoft services doesn’t stop there.

In addition to integration with Windows 10, the Galaxy Note 20 will also gain more sync between Windows and Samsung applications that already come pre-installed on it. We are talking about Samsung Notes and Reminders; they are able to synchronize with Microsoft’s OneNote, Outlook, ToDo and Teams, which can also be used on mobile phones.

The information comes from Microsoft, which explains that Samsung’s Notes will sync and display notes made on the phone in Windows creator programs as images if they are handwritten using the S Pen.

Reminders created in the Samsung app for the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will also sync, but with Microsoft ToDo, Outlook and Teams for Windows 10.

Another big news is the integration of Outlook for another device: the Galaxy Watch 3, which was also presented at yesterday’s event (5). This novelty will actually arrive for the entire line of Samsung’s latest watches. Unfortunately Microsoft has not yet specified when this should occur.

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