Samsung Announces Reason for ‘1’ Notification Sent to Users


Samsung announced that the notification sent to all Galaxy brand phone and tablet users this morning was sent due to an error and was not harmful.

In a news that we shared with you in the morning, we mentioned that South Korean technology giant Samsung sent a notification that says “1” only to smartphones and tablets. According to reports from users, this notification was sent through a service called “Find My Mobile”.

The notification sent by Samsung has irritated many users. While some users thought that this was the result of an error, some users thought that their phone was hacked, and that the notification was sent deliberately by hackers. Now, a statement has been received from Samsung on the subject. The announcement made the Samsung users feel refreshed.

According to statements from Samsung’s UK Twitter account, this notification was sent accidentally during a test. Stating that the sent notification does not cause any harm to smart phones, the officials apologized for the glitch and announced that they will work to avoid such a mistake again.

Statement by Samsung
With the explanation, users have learned that this notification, which is nothing when they touch it, was sent as a result of an error. If you also have Samsung’s smartphone and have seen this notification in the past hours, you can continue to use your phone comfortably.

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