Samsung Announces Micro LED Technology to Bring New Breath to Smart Televisions


Samsung has announced a new technology that will affect the direct architecture of smart televisions. The new technology, which gives independent light to each pixel, thus offers a higher quality image and efficient energy.

Samsung, one of the largest technology manufacturers in the world, is preparing to open a new page on smart televisions. The South Korean tech giant is preparing to introduce new technology for smart televisions. New televisions with Micro Led technology are expected to be available in the second half of 2020.

What Will New Technology Offer?
Samsung’s new micro LED technology will radically change today’s television technology. The technology, which manages to emit independent light to each pixel, will therefore work without the need for a color filter. Thanks to this, we will encounter more vivid colors and lighting.

Micro LED technology, which offers higher contrast ratio and lower power consumption than normal televisions, seems to bring a new breath to the smart television industry. TVs with micro LEDs, which are expected to go on sale in September, introduced their new technology within the scope of CES 2020.

The TV, which will be sold under the name of Samsung, Q950TS 8K QLED TV, will come completely free of frames with a special design process. Smart television, which will be only 15 mm thick, can scale 8K images more efficiently as a help from artificial intelligence.

Another feature of the television is sound optimization. Thanks to artificial intelligence and Object Tracking Sound technology, sounds are optimized for the movement of objects on the stage.

Samsung has not yet announced how many TL it will be selling this television, which will bring a new breath to the smart television industry. In the coming period, we will see new information about television.