Samsung Announces Integrated AI Engraved HBM Memory


Despite the problems it faces with Exynos processors, Samsung’s semiconductor division is one of the largest memory providers on the market, often featuring unique innovations. The company has already been able to create the fastest HBM2 memory in the world, and has been working on a new manufacturing method with amorphous boron nitride that offers 2D features and a high level of electrical insulation.

The manufacturer now announces its newest bet for the memory market: HBM PIM (Process In Memory) chips. Developed based on the HBM2 Aquabolt memories, the fastest ones previously mentioned, the HBM PIM’s main differential is the ability to process Artificial Intelligence elements directly from the chip.

The addition of integrated AI processing is revolutionary in that it significantly reduces the latency that traditional memories suffer, generated by the transfer of data between the processor and the memories themselves. With these changes, HBM PIM chips are able to double a system’s AI processing capacity, while reducing consumption by an impressive 70%.

Another good news is that there is compatibility with the existing HBM memory interfaces, which eliminates the need for software and hardware modifications that could be caused by the novelty. As you might expect, HBM PIM is geared towards high performance computing and AI applications, so don’t expect to see them in consumer products.

According to Samsung, HBM PIM chips will begin shipping to customers during the first half of 2021, for testing and verification purposes. From then on, the South Korean giant will work with companies to make the PIM platform an industry standard.