Samsung announces Galaxy Buds Pro


In addition to the launch of the Galaxy S21 line, Samsung also announced its newest wearable, the Galaxy Buds Pro. The new model is nothing less than the third phone from the South Korean giant launched in less than a year. And the design and functions present in the headphones explain why a model arrives shortly after its predecessors.

Another factor that explains the launch of a new wearable is the perception of the market. The company claims to have grown twice the average for the wearable market in the past year. It is worth mentioning that, in this regard, enter the two headphones and the Galaxy Watch 3, launched in the second half of last year. The accessories always had discounts for those who bought a cell phone of the brand.

In design, the box has the same shape as the Galaxy Buds Live, which opens like a jewelry box, although the box follows the finish of the new phones and adopts a matte tone. However, it resumes the in-ear design of the Buds Plus, but in a reduced size, showing that Samsung has learned from the mistakes and successes of each model.

Inside, Samsung sought to incorporate technologies to combine ambient sound mode with noise cancellation. The South Korean giant guarantees that Buds Pro is capable of blocking up to 99% of external noise (the noise cancellation of Buds Live was not necessary), but it also has an adjustable ambient sound function, which uses artificial intelligence to perceive when a caller talks to you and automatically hangs up so you can interact without taking the phone off.

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Microphones also have technology that can reduce wind noise, one of the weak points of Buds Plus. Speaking of microphones, there are three, one with a high signal-to-noise ratio (RSR). An internal microphone and a double external microphone make up the set, which also offers 360 ° audio.


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