Samsung Announces First 10 nm EUV Based DRAM Modules


Samsung announced the industry’s first 10 nm EUV based DRAM modules, developed for next-generation smartphones and laptops. Samsung has also announced that it has already started mass production of the new generation DRAM modules.

Samsung is the world leader in the memory and storage market for PCs and smartphones, but it often brings new technologies ahead of other brands. The company announced that it started mass production and shipments of DRAM modules based on the industry’s first 10nm EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) production technology.

The new EUV-based DRAM modules have DDR4 speed and are sent to Samsung’s worldwide customers for experience. The 10nm class (D1x) DDR4 DRAM modules of the South Korean tech giant will be used not only on computers and smartphones, but also in data centers and corporate servers.

Samsung is the first company to adopt EUV technology for the production of DRAM chips, which reduces repetitive steps in multi-modeling compared to the FinFET process. The new technology offers shorter development time as well as improved performance.

The company will use 10nm EUV technology to produce LPDDR4X RAM for next-generation smartphones and laptops and DDR4 RAM for PCs. In the future, Samsung will also use the same technology to produce LPDDR5 and DDR5 RAM modules.

Samsung plans to start mass production of EUV based 16 GB LPDDR5 and 16 GB DDR5 DRAM modules next year. The company will manufacture new DRAM modules at its semiconductor plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

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