Samsung Announces Blood Pressure Measurement App For Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung announces blood pressure measurement for Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatches. The application that will work with the Samsung Health Monitor application will continue to be on the Samsung smart watches that will be released in the coming period after the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

With a new announcement, Samsung has announced that blood pressure can be tracked on the smart watch with the Samsung Health app. This new feature of Samsung Health Monitor has enabled the app to be considered a medical device app by the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

For now, Samsung Health Monitor’s blood pressure measurement and tracking application will only work with Galaxy Watch Active 2. Samsung smart watches, which will be released after Galaxy Watch Active 2, will come with this blood pressure measurement feature.

How will Galaxy Watch Active 2 measure blood pressure?
In order to measure blood pressure with Galaxy Watch Active 2, first of all, the blood pressure of the user must be measured with a traditional sphygmomanometer. The blood pressure value obtained from the measurement made with the sphygmomanometer will be entered into the Samsung Health Monitor application and the smart watch will be calibrated.

After calibration, users will be able to measure their blood pressure by entering the Samsung Health Monitor app. Galaxy Watch Active 2 Heart Rate Monitoring sensor measures blood pressure with pulse wave analysis. The application will reveal the blood pressure value by analyzing the relationship between the blood pressure value measured by the smart watch and the blood pressure value entered in the calibration.

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Galaxy Watch Active 2’s new blood pressure measurement feature will allow people who have problems with blood pressure to follow their blood pressure values ‚Äč‚Äčinstantly. In this way, diseases that may arise due to high blood pressure can be detected in advance.

“Samsung Health Monitor app has the potential to help millions of people affected by high blood pressure from around the world,” said Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Company Corporate SVP and Health Team President Taejong Jay Yang, who made a statement about the Galaxy Watch Active 2 gaining blood pressure measurement. .

The Samsung Health Monitor app will be available for Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatches in the third quarter of this year. After the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung will continue to be the application for the new smart watches it will release.



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