Samsung announces 5G small Exynos processors


Samsung is one of the world’s best-known technology companies. Today many are surprised by the fact that the Korean firm does more than just mobiles, but today is the segment where we want to stay. And it is that the firm brings good news with its new Exynos 1080 processors that will mount their mobiles of the future.

This is the new Samsung processor

When we talk about the processor, we are talking about the chip that is capable of determining the limits of a device. That of smartphones is the most versatile since it is responsible for moving the information and signals to the different components of the board, from the hard drive to the screen you touch to take photos, write a message or play games.

There are many companies that are responsible for manufacturing their own such as Samsung with its Exynos series. The chip of the Korean firm is one of the best known, although it is true that its competition is very strong. That is why they seek the trust of users with a new Exynos 1080 that is presented in 5nm.

This means that the chip takes up less space, but its interior is very well optimized and used. In the graphic section it has improved with a Mali G78MP10 chip and improves the compatibility of RAM memory up to DDR5. It also has WiFi 6 and improves the cameras to reach 200 MPX in a main one and a composition of 32 + 32 MPX in a dual sensor.

But what stands out above all this Exynos 1080 is the capacity of the 5G that it integrates. And it is that not all antennas have the same capacity and with what the firm has learned, it has developed one that has two methods of use. During Sub-6 mode it will offer users no less than 5 GB of download per second and 1 GB of upload per second, while in mmWave mode the upload and download is symmetrical at about 3 GB per second.

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With these credentials it is clear that Samsung has done its homework when it comes to connectivity. The firm has been one of the pioneers in the 5G segment, presenting cutting-edge mobiles with this technology in both traditional and flexible formats that we have seen in the last two years. It only remains to know its performance in a real test and see how it convinces users.


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