Samsung announces 4-door Bespoke refrigerators


Seeking to offer even more personalized experiences to its consumers, Samsung announced, during CES 2021, the new version of its line of four door refrigerators Bespoke, with varied colors and that allow a wide range of function adjustments.

Among the main new features of the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex, the new Beverage Center, a beverage center inside the upper left door, was included. “In it, there is an internal dispenser with filtered water and, also, a kind of jar built with AutoFill technology, that is, that is automatically filled with fresh water or with an infusion of the user’s preference”, indicates the company.

In addition, he points out, the refrigerator has the Dual Ice Maker, which makes regular ice cubes and in a smaller format, such as small flakes, allowing faster cooling of liquids.

Settings and availability

Enhancements to the Flex Zone, a versatile compartment that converts from fridge to freezer, ensuring flexibility to meet a family’s food storage needs, offer five different temperature settings: Freeze, Soft Freeze, Meat / Fish, Fruits / Vegetables and Drinks .

In addition, the equipment features Flex Crisper, which allows you to store meat or fish “at the ideal temperature”, and Crisper +, which keeps your fruits and vegetables “fresh for longer”.

Available only in some regions of Europe and Asia, which will also receive the new versions of the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex, there is still no forecast for the arrival of the devices in Brazil – but the United States, other regions of the Old Continent and markets in the Middle East and North Africa are due to receive them soon.

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