Samsung announced: Smart RAM is coming to phones!


Samsung has developed the new smart RAM technology. Samsung, one of the prominent companies in memory technology, announced its new product at the semiconductor conference Hot Chips 33, where remarkable microprocessor and IC innovations are announced every year. Recent developments in memory processing (PIM) technology have attracted a lot of attention. He announced that the name of this technology is LPDDR5-PIM RAM.

This is actually a product with AI (artificial intelligence) features. The South Korea-based company claimed that this technology could improve performance while using less power.

What features does smart LPDDR5-PIM RAM have?

Machine learning, used in many smartphones today, helps with everything from system performance to translations, from voice commands to camera quality. Samsung has announced that it has developed a special artificial intelligence-based RAM for smartphones to help with these processes.

The company announced that in simulation tests, LPDDR5-PIM more than doubled performance while reducing energy use by more than 60 percent in applications such as voice recognition, translation, and chatbot. This seems like a pretty useful feature at first glance. It potentially results in faster, more efficient machine learning performance.

“Samsung’s LPDDR5-PIM mobile memory technology can provide standalone AI capabilities without data center connectivity,” the company said. made a statement.

Samsung has not announced when the new smart RAM technology will enter phones. It is also unclear how powerful this technology is and whether it can handle more advanced tasks such as image processing and computer vision. However, by 2022, the company aims to complete the PIM technology.


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