Samsung and Xiaomi have Apple best selling phones


Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi figure as the most purchased smartphone brands in 3Q 2020. The quarter prior to the North American manufacturer’s launches witnessed a skyrocketing sales of the iPhone 11, while the Galaxy A21s tracks the numbers of the iPhone SE and, soon below, the Redmi Note 9 reaches about 8 million units sold.

The chart released by consultancy Canalys presented the “top 10” of the third quarter of 2020. The result places cell phones of the Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi trio as the best sellers in this period, all above 6 million units. Of the group, the biggest highlight is the Cupertino giant, which shoots with the sale of 16 million units of the iPhone 11 only in that window.

Despite being so close to the presentation of the new iPhones, sales of the iPhone 11 have skyrocketed significantly. Such a phenomenon may be a symptom of consumer apprehension, due to the postponement of the presentation of the new iPhones.

On the other hand, Samsung leads the third, fourth, fifth, eighth and tenth positions of best-selling phones, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy A21s; Galaxy A11; Galaxy A51; Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A01 Core. The South Korean holds 23% of the smartphone market in that period and sold about 80.2 million cell phones (including devices not listed in the top 10).

Xiaomi follows in third position among the biggest cellphone manufacturers, and has the Redmi Note 9 and Redmi 9A listed in the top 10, in the sixth and ninth positions, respectively. The Chinese company accumulates 13.5% of the market, sold 47.1 million cell phones in 3Q 2020, followed by Apple, with 43.2 million units sold.

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We are still in the last quarter of the year, but it is very likely that Apple will feature the iPhone 12 as the best seller of the period and in other positions of the ranking. Xiaomi and Samsung should continue to dispute the remaining positions.


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