Samsung AMD graphics processor phone may come out


Samsung and AMD have been working together to develop graphics technologies since 2019. It seems that the fruits of these efforts will come soon. The South Korean company is said to be able to embed an AMD signed graphics processor in the next generation Exynos processor.

Most of the Samsung smartphones use their own design Exynos series processors. It is said that AMD’s RDNA design will be preferred as the graphics processor in the new versions of these processors. It is stated that Samsung aims to increase the game performance on certain devices in this way.

According to the allegations, Samsung’s new foldable phone, which is expected to bear the name Galaxy Z Fold 3, will have AMD’s graphics processor. It is stated that Samsung may prefer AMD’s graphics processor in the versions of the Galaxy S22 series with Exynos processors.

The first fruit of the collaboration between Samsung and AMD seems to be seen in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The second half of 2021 is pointed out for the release of this device.


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