Samsung Allegedly Will Switch To Google Fuchsia OS In The Future


Samsung: There are reports that Google has been working on a new operating system called Fuchsia OS for a while. According to the latest claims, Samsung is among those who want to switch to this operating system. A few years ago it turned out that Google is working on a new operating system called Fuchsia OS. For many, this operating system will be the operating system that will replace Android at some point, giving Google control similar to Apple’s control over iOS.

None of these claims have yet been confirmed, but Twitter user Ice Universe, who previously shared several hit leaks, announced one of the possible companies to use Fuchsia. This company is none other than Samsung, one of the leaders of the smartphone market.

Samsung’s Fuchsia move

“It is very possible that Samsung will migrate to Fuchsia OS in the future.”

First of all, one of the striking points here is that it is not clear whether this is a prediction or an inside information. Because Ice Universe does not show any source or reference in its post, it only states the situation.


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