Samsung AirDresser is the closet to disinfect your clothes


With the pandemic of COVID-19, a lot of concern arose around the cleaning of everyday items. Several companies have acted, developing products with technologies that promise to keep objects away from germs and bacteria, even if they do not eliminate the new Coronavirus, such as LG Tone Free headphones.

Samsung is another one, which brought its Samsung AirDresser to the Indian market this week. Announced in January, even before the pandemic, the device is a kind of closet or wardrobe that promises to keep your clothes clean and fresh through various technologies.

For cleaning, the AirDresser uses the so-called JetSteam, which launches a jet of hot air that guarantees to eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of mites, 99% of gases that cause bad odors and 99% of harmful substances. Accompanying the feature is a deodorant filter that captures particles of sweat, tobacco and food.

The appliance also has a drying pump to dehumidify the parts. In this case, the AirDresser uses low temperature air to prevent clothing from shrinking or being damaged. Designed for countries with harsh winters, there is also a dedicated cycle for fur coats, the Fur Care Cycle, which promises to remove up to 90% moisture from the fabric.


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