Samsung Adopts New Plan To Reduce Leaks in Industry


Samsung has started to adopt a new strategy to try to reduce the amount of complete leaks of products that are yet to be announced by the South Korean manufacturer — such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 folding, for example, or the Galaxy S21 FE, which has not yet been released, but has already been released by numerous unofficial sources.

According to the website The Elec, since July this year, the brand started to send a confidentiality agreement that must be signed by employees of partner factories, responsible for the production of semiconductors and other components.

Also irritated by these early disclosures, Apple began to adopt double vigilance in partner factories, in addition to taking legal action those responsible for leaks.

It will work?

If employees are caught passing on factory information, they will be fined for breach of contract. In addition, the brand will monitor recent job changes — both from employees who left Samsung and immediately went to rivals and those who came from competitors to the brand. In this case, these people may be prevented from receiving confidential work for some time.

Sources heard by the original report complained that the contract is too restricted. Samsung’s plan involves discovering sources of leaks and, for this reason, the agreement has been sent so far only to some of the third parties: the partners directly involved in assembling the models, which could be a source of leaks, have not yet been notified.


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