Samsung 980 PRO SSD introduced! Here are the features


The company, which stands out in the field of SSD, introduced the Samsung 980 PRO SSD model and its features have been announced. The SSD, which can offer up to 1 TB of storage space to users, will be used with PCI Express 4.0 connection type. The new model has also reached large numbers in reading and writing speeds. The new model will be available with 3 different storage options.

The model will have different storage areas, but each storage size will have the same basic features. SSD will meet with users in M.2 2280 form. It has long been awaited for the release of the model. Sales will start soon with the promotion.

Samsung 980 PRO SSD specifications

The new model has 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB storage options. The hardware we mentioned to support PCI Express 4.0 will work in harmony with AMD X570 and Intel Z490. The SSD, where the temperature is also considered, includes a nickel-plated thermal heat spreader. In addition, Samsung will provide the required heat level thanks to its Dynamic Thermal Protection.

For Samsung 980 PRO SSD specifications, the 1 TB model has 7000 MB / s read speed and 5000 MB / s write speed. However, for the 500 GB model, 6900 MB / s reading and 5000 MB / s writing speed show itself. For the latest 250 GB, there are 6400 MB / s reading and 2700 MB / s writing speed.

samsung 980 pro ssd

No announcement has been made about the price of the model yet. However, it is estimated that the model will make a sound in terms of its features.


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