Samsung is the 1st to sell memories made with extreme ultraviolet


In an important milestone in the history of semiconductors, Samsung introduced to the market its first DRAM DDR4 memory sticks manufactured using production by extreme ultraviolet (or Extreme Ultraviolet – EUV).

This first million units already sent to the company’s customers were built with 10 nm lithography and provide new options for improvement for Samsung. The production process is more efficient and reduces the chances of producing defective chips.

“With the production of our DRAM [memories] based on extreme ultraviolet production, we are demonstrating a commitment to the development of revolutionary DRAM solutions to assist our international IT customers.” Said the executive vice president of DRAM Product & Technology , Samsung Electronics section, Jung-bae Lee.

Samsung is the first company to adopt the EUV as a production mechanism and to overcome barriers in minimizing lithography. Today, companies face an enormous engineering challenge to slow the manufacturing process. The extreme ultraviolet, in turn, plays a crucial role in this process, considering that it eliminates repetitive stages of production – improving performance and reducing the time needed for development.

However, it is still too early to find these chips being marketed on a large scale – whether on computers, tablets or cell phones. The South Korean manufacturer has only a single production unit capable of developing these chips. In addition, the company’s DDR5 memories are expected to appear on the market sometime in 2021.


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