Samira, the new champion of League of Legends


Samira, the new hero of League of Legends, one of the most popular games in the world, has arrived. This new champion with a giant sword looks remarkable.

League of Legends, which has been among the most popular MOBA games for many years, continues on its way. Riot Games, which constantly publishes new content for the game, has now added the new hero Samira to the game.

Samira, who can attack from a distance and deal high damage to enemies that come close, has a character strong enough to advance the lines alone and quite remarkable skills.

Samira came to Beta

Samira is currently available in League of Legends’ open beta. The content added here is tested for the last time before taking part in the game. Although they usually go through an advertising process before new champions arrive, Samira just seems to have been added to the beta.

Samira, who will appear to be a hybrid champion, has powerful ranged attacks but shows off her main lethal abilities in melee. Blide Whirl action not only damages enemies around, it also destroys incoming attacks.

Samira’s passive ability, Daredevil Impulse, helps her make combos and gain speed. His first ability, Flair, is a standard physical attack ability, but has a 25% chance to deal critical damage. His third ability, Wild Rush, allows his enemies to pass through them and damage them. His ultimate ability, Inferno Tigger, deals damage to enemies around him for 2 seconds.

Came to shed blood

Samira seems to be one of the most elite and talented line champions in the game recently. His abilities such as being able to prevent attacks, pass through his opponents and speed up show that he is an opponent that is not easy to survive one on one.

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League of Legends can be played completely free of charge from the computer. There are other games that take place in the universe of the game. It is currently unknown when Riot Games will fully include Samira in the game.


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